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SNF: Cowboys vs Eagles Game Thread

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football, Week 11. Tonight the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles travel west to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas to take on the 5-4 Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles come into the game sporting a seven game winning streak and the best record in the NFL. Riding the golden arm of second year quarterback Carson Wentz, one of the early favorites for NFL MVP honors, the Eagles have the league's 4th best offense, 4th best rushing offense, and best rushing defense. That makes for a team tough to beat.

The Cowboys come into the game reeling from the loss of star running back Ezekiel Elliott to a six game suspension, which may well end up costing the Cowboys a playoff berth. Dallas has faced only three teams with a winning record all year, and the Cowboys have lost two of those three games. The only thing the Cowboys have done exceptionally well this year is run the ball, and with Elliott out the next six games even that part of the Cowboys' arsenal has become questionable. Quarterback Dak Prescott has put together a nice sophomore season and Ezekiel Elliott was having a very good year before being suspended. On defense Demarcus Lawrence has become a monster pass rusher. Other than those three the Cowboys do not have a lot of players enjoying standout campaigns.

This game looks like a mismatch on paper. Luckily for the Cowboys the games aren't played on paper, and perhaps the home field advantage will be enough for the Cowboys to pull off an upset. If not the Cowboys will sink to a .500 team, in grave danger of missing the playoffs.

It's the Eagles and the Cowboys on Sunday Night.

Enjoy the game everybody. As always we ask that you neither ask for nor post illegal streaming links.