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Four Tweaks for the Jets at the Bye

NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Usually Friday podcasts preview that week's game, but the Jets do not have a game this Sunday. They are on their bye week. This weekend you can watch college football, other NFL teams, do some late season leaf raking, get ready for Thanskgiving, or any number of things. You just can't watch the Jets.

The bye week is a chance for the coaching staff to take stock of their team and figure out potential tweaks to make going forward. On today's podcast I suggest four tweaks for the coaching staff over the last six weeks of the season. Some deal with personnel. Others deal with philosophical strategy. Others deal with maximizing the skillsets of certain players.

None of these tweaks will turn the Jets into a Super Bowl contender this year. They probably won't even make the Jets a Playoff team, but they could give this team a better chance of winning the games that remain on the schedule in 2017.