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Steve McLendon is the Jets’ under the radar defensive lineman

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Each week SB Nation team sites are asked a question. This week we have been asked to identify our team’s under the radar defensive lineman.

Even after trading Sheldon Richardson before the start of the season, the Jets continue to boast a line of big names like Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams. While Wilkerson has disappointed, a defensive lineman with substantially less name recognition has put together a solid year, Steve McLendon.

McLendon was a free agent signing from Pittsburgh last year. He plays nose tackle for the Jets. That is a position where guys are asked to do the dirty work. They frequently are not in a position to make plays, but they help make other players look good by taking on blocks.

While the Jets have been inconsistent this year defending the run, McLendon has typically been solid in the middle of the line holding the point of attack and keeping the second level clean.

He is the Jets’ under the radar lineman.