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Mike Westhoff coming out of join Saints coaching staff

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

For five years, many Jets fans have hoped Mike Westhoff would come out of retirement. The legendary special teams coach stepped away in 2012 after a dozen years with the Jets working under three different head coaches. Whenever the Jets had to fill the job, his name was the first one fans mentioned. Westhoff has consistently expressed no interest in returning.

Westhoff is coming out of retirement, but he will not be working with the Jets.

Kevin O’Dea, New Orleans’ assistant special teams coach, worked with Westhoff on the Jets for a brief stretch.

I think any Jets fan would say this could be a homerun hire for the Saints.

The question many of us have is whether Westhoff will want to continue his career after this season. Could he eventually return home after a short-term stint with the Saints? It doesn’t seem particularly likely at this point, but we can certainly wish.