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Todd Bowles Isn’t Considering a QB Change for the Jets

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It comes as no surprise, but Todd Bowles today indicated he is not even considering a quarterback change for the Jets after the bye.

On at what point he would consider playing Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty…

If something happens to Josh (McCown) and those two get ready to play and be ready to play, they’ll play.

On if he means an injury occurring to McCown…


Obviously the Jets are not going to change quarterbacks at 4-6 after one loss. The team remains in the Playoff race at the moment so you should not expect any drastic changes.

Clearly there is a point where the team would make a change. It likely will be after the Jets are officially eliminated from Playoff contention. That is when Bryce Petty took over the starting quarterback job a year ago.

The fan base seems divided on this issue. Those of you who want a change are going to be disappointed for the time being.