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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Remain in 10th Place in Conference Despite Loss

NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost to Tampa Bay yesterday. The team did remain in tenth place in the AFC standings heading into its bye, however. The Jets remain 1.5 games out of the final Playoff spot in the conference due to Buffalo’s blowout loss to the Saints.

The Jets remain within striking distance of the Playoffs, but their biggest obstacle might be themselves. This team might not be as bad as the 0-16 predictions we saw before the season, but signs are starting to emerge that this is a pretty bad football team. The Jets find themselves two games under .500 and losers of four of their last five entering their bye week.

Making the Playoffs will mean playing well consistently, and this team has provided plenty of doubt about its ability to do so in the last month. There aren’t many great teams in this conference so the Jets remain in the mix for now, but this team’s ability to make a move is very much in question.

  1. Pittsburgh 7-2
  2. New England 7-2
  3. Kansas City 6-3
  4. Tennessee 6-3
  5. Jacksonville 6-3
  6. Buffalo 5-4
  7. Miami 4-4
  8. Baltimore 4-5
  9. Oakland 4-5
  10. Jets 4-6
  11. Houston 3-6
  12. Cincinnati 3-6
  13. Los Angeles 3-6
  14. Denver 3-6
  15. Indianapolis 3-7
  16. Cleveland 0-9