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Buccaneers 15 Jets 10: Ugly Way to Enter the Bye

NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets went into their bye on a sour note today, losing on the road to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15-10. A victory would have had the Jets feeling good. They would have been on a two game winning streak and back at .500 heading into a two week break. Instead, the team will have a long stretch to think about what went wrong today.

Let’s talk about it below.

The Bad

Offensive Line: Today’s game provides you a great example of how losing the battle in the trenches can cost a team a game. The Jets allowed six sacks to a team that had registered eight all year. They couldn’t control the point of attack in the run game either. It didn’t matter what the Jets tried. They couldn’t execute anything because they couldn’t win up front. There were constant blown assignments and linemen losing. Brian Winters was committing multiple penalties. Wesley Johnson was allowing guys to go up the middle untouched. The other guys were losing their battles. I don’t think a single lineman played well today, and it helped cost the Jets the game.

Josh McCown: I think McCown’s performance was clearly affected by the offensive line. The hits added up and rattled him. That said, McCown was not helping the cause. He didn’t move effectively within the pocket when he had chances to evade pressure. He didn’t trust his eyes when making reads. He forced balls and was inaccurate on others. He certainly did not help the Jets’ cause in this game.

Jermaine Kearse: He dropped a couple of passes, bobbled another that limited his gain after catching it, and committed a penalty. The days where he seemed like a credible veteran target feel like a long time ago.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins: He posted a few cosmetic statistical receptions after the game was out of hand, but this was a virtual no show against his old team.

Morris Claiborne: Before he left injured, it seemed like he was having a lot of problems with DeSean Jackson’s speed.

Coaching: Coaches generally get too much blame when things go wrong. I think the Jets’ problems were much more execution based than coaching based. That said, the coaching staff could have done a better job manufacturing touches for playmakers in space with the offensive line struggling and finding ways to slow down the pass rush. The coaches also have to take a hit with this kind of performance with extra time to prepare for the game.

The Good

Leonard Williams: He was unblockable for most of this game. He registered another sack, had two more hits that I counted, and helped shut down the Tampa Bay run game.

Demario Davis: Davis was beaten for the only touchdown of the game, but he helped the Jets stay close with some impact plays against the run and in coverage.

Darryl Roberts: He had an interception, came close to a second one, and did a solid job in coverage for most of the day.

Jamal Adams: Adams was constantly around the ball, registering 6 tackles.


The Jets now head into their bye 4-6 and a longshot for the Playoffs in the AFC. They play the Panthers in two weeks as the first in a six game stretch to end 2017.