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Marcus Maye has been the most consistent Jet at the halfway point of the season

New England Patriots v New York Jet Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Each Wednesday, SB Nation’s team sites are asked to answer a question. This week’s question requires us to name our team’s MVP for the first half of the season.

That is a bit tricky because I am not sure there would be a Jet player heading to the Pro Bowl if the season ended today.

I think during the first eight games, Marcus Maye has been the most consistent player on the team. He has had a few hiccups here and there. A few of them have been big plays. But I can’t think of a game where he was just terrible.

The Jets have also put a lot on his plate. Playing the deep middle as the last line of defense isn’t easy for a lot of veterans. If you stick a rookie into that role, the results can be catastrophic sometimes as we learned with Calvin Pryor three years ago.

Maye has taken to the role like a fish to water, though. He has also added some impact plays along with his steady patrol of the back end of the defense.

If I had to vote for a team MVP right now, it would be him.

Who is your Jets MVP at the halfway point?