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Jets Week 5 Game Ball: Marcus Maye

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

To celebrate another Jets victory, we award the game ball.

The rules of the game ball remain. Whenever possible, we try to avoid giving it to the quarterback. That won’t be a problem this week. We also try to avoid giving it to repeat winners whenever possible.

The last few weeks, some people have joked that the game balls should have gone to Jay Cutler and Blake Bortles because of how their poor play helped the Jets win. I am sure we will hear some of those same comments this week about DeShone Kizer. You aren’t wrong to say that. Kizer looked like he didn’t belong on an NFL field. His play might have done more to give the Jets a chance to win than anybody.

We give this award to a standout Jet, though, so I am going with Marcus Maye. The Jets have put a ton on the plate of a rookie by asking Maye to stabilize the back end of the defense, but he has passed almost every test so far. Against Cleveland he added 4 tackles to minimize the damage on some plays. He also recorded his first career interception on the goal line to preserve a scoreless tie in the first half, one of the pivotal plays of the win.

Marcus Maye gets my game ball. Who gets yours?