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Jets-Falcons Recap

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Sunday was a rainy day at the Meadowlands. By the end of their Week 8 loss to the Falcons, Jets fans felt about as gloomy as the weather. Atlanta's 25-20 victory has put the Jets on a three game losing streak. The team is now 3-5. Three weeks ago, the Jets were giving signals they were going to beat expectations in 2017. Now it feels like an early three game winning streak might have been a temporary diversion from the bottom of the league standings.

On today's podcast we offer some thoughts on the game. The weather played a role. There were some key plays that went against the Jets aided by Mother Nature, but the Falcons also had their share of problems with the weather. There were some disappointing performances and some silver linings on a rainy day.

Ultimately the difference between the teams might have been quality at the most important position on the field. An MVP made some MVP plays.