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AFC playoff picture: Jets Are 12th in Standings

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Jets find themselves on a three game losing streak. The team is struggling, and its spot in the conference standings has dropped. The good news is we live in an era of mediocrity parity in the NFL. Aside from Indianapolis and Cleveland, everybody in the AFC has between 3 and 6 wins.

Although the Jets are not playing very good football, they are still 1.5 games out of the last Playoff spot in the conference.

The bad news is the Jets are in 12th place, meaning they have to jump a number of teams to get there. More importantly, they would need to straighten things out and play more consistently than the other teams in the conference, which seems like a very tall order.

For what it is worth, here are the standings in the AFC after the Week 8 games from Sunday. The Steelers currently have the top spot.

  1. Pittsburgh 6-2
  2. New England 6-2
  3. Kansas City 5-2
  4. Tennessee 4-3


5. Buffalo 5-2

6. Jacksonville 4-3

7. Miami 4-3

8. Baltimore 4-4

9. Denver 3-3

10. Houston 3-4

11. Cincinnati 3-4

12. Jets 3-5

13. Los Angeles 3-5

14. Oakland 3-5

15. Indianapolis 2-6

16. Cleveland 0-8