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Jets-Dolphins Recap

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

For three quarters and change in Miami, the Jets put together a very impressive performance. The team was responding the perfect way to a difficult loss last week. Losing a game because of a bad call isn't easy, but the Jets were doing it.

After a nightmare fourth quarter, the Jets found themselves leaving Miami 3-4. The Dolphins won 31-28 despite trailing 28-14 after three. On today's podcast we talk about what went wrong.

There were not many players who had an outright poor game. One cornerback was repeated beaten, and a veteran quarterback made an unfathomable decision in a key spot. These helped pull defeat out of the jaws of victory.

On today's podcast, we recap the loss. Listen using the player embedded at the bottom of the post or by subscribing to the Locked on Jets podcast. You can do so on numerous platforms, iTunes and Spotify among them