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Jets Week 4 Game Ball: Bilal Powell

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets won yesterday so we get to give out a game ball.

As we entered the late stages of overtime, I started wondering aloud what we would do for the game ball/anti-game ball if a tie happened. It was rendered moot, however, by Chandler Catanzaro’s field goal.

As always, the game ball has two rules. We try to avoid giving it to the quarterback whenever possible because it is too obvious. The quarterback usually is a key player when the team wins. We have no such problem this week. Josh McCown wasn’t good. In fact, his play stood out to such a negative degree that we might have had to waive the quarterback rule for the anti-game ball had the Jets lost. We also try to avoid repeat winners whenever possible. Demario Davis didn’t stand out in a big way so no problem there.

There are many legitimate contenders this week. Kony Ealy recorded an interception and knocked down multiple passes playing with a heavy heart after his sister passed away. Catanzaro made the game-winning field goal. Lachlan Edwards had a key punt that flipped field position. Leonard Williams dominated the game up front. Elijah McGuire had what was perhaps a breakout game.

I could go on, but my game ball goes to Bilal Powell, who ran for 163 yards, including a 75 yard touchdown. The touchdown put the Jets right back in the game after an early Jacksonville scoring drive. Powell fell down, but he kept playing because the whistle did not blow. The Jaguars did not keep playing.

The Jets offense was based on their running backs yesterday, and Powell did the bulk of the work. He showed once again that he should be the lead back for this offense.

Bilal Powell gets my game ball. Who gets yours?