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Five Finds for the Jets

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

For months, people have said this season was not only about wins and losses for the Jets. Even ownership has said something to this effect. Progress has to be judged based on the way players are developing. Of course, wins and losses have something to do with this. A team doesn’t win many games if its players aren’t developing.

So far this season we have seen some encouraging news on that front. It is important to come away from 2017 with the sense this regime understands how to find and develop talent. While this team still will need an infusion of young, game-changing talent, the Jets have found a number of role players acquired inexpensively. On today’s podcast, I give a top five list of the best finds so far. Along with the role players, I do list one potential budding star due to the circumstances surrounding his selection.

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