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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 7: No Consensus on the Jets

New England Patriots v New York Jets

Six weeks into the season, there is little consensus on where the Jets fit into power rankings. There isn’t even agreement on the impact of this week’s loss to the Patriots. The Washington Post and Bleacher Report actually have the Jets ranked higher this week than they were last week.


27. New York Jets

If the Jets are for real, they'll need to rip off some wins before their Week 11 bye, because W's will be hard to come by on the other side. Their final six games of the season are against the Panthers, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, Chargers and Patriots.


26. New York Jets

I’m still not sure how that Austin Seferian-Jenkins play wasn’t a touchdown. There’s no room for moral victories in the NFL, but I’m more impressed with the Jets after they gave the Patriots all they could handle.

SB Nation

12. New York Jets

Washington Post

15. New York Jets

The NFL on Monday defended its replay reversal of Austin Seferian-Jenkins’s TD-turned-fumble, but its case remains unconvincing. It was baffling even to former NFL officiating czars Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino. That’s not saying the Jets would have beaten the Patriots if the TD call had stood, as it probably should have. But they would have had a chance.

Bleacher Report

19. New York Jets

The Jets may have been the victims of bad luck in Week 6. They were on the wrong end of one overturned touchdown call. At least to me, the playinvolving Austin Seferian-Jenkins looked like a touchdown.

Even before that, the Jets had total control of the game and blew it. They dominated the first half, but a poor decision by quarterback Josh McCown led to a turnover and a Patriots score—which tied the game at the half.

The Jets deserve a ton of credit for the way they've competed this year, but this isn't a team that can afford game-changing mistakes against teams like New England. New York is going to be a pain in a lot of butts moving forward. The question is whether the Jets can avoid such mistakes and make enough big plays to get over the hump.