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Jets Week 6 Anti-Game Ball: The Zebras

New York Jets v Washington Redskins Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

The Jets lost yesterday so we have to give out an anti-game ball.

The anti-game ball has some rules we do our best to follow. We try to avoid giving it to the quarterback whenever possible. We also try to avoid giving it to repeat recipients.

There is another unspoken rule. The anti-game ball almost always goes to a Jets player. For this week, events require us to bend that rule. This week the anti-game ball goes to the officiating crew.

Bad calls are a part of the game, but this was something else. Three critical bad calls went against the Jets in this game which were made either with the benefit of replay or the officials getting together for a conference. On two of these three plays, the correct call was originally made on the field and subsequently overturned.

I get that officiating is a very difficult job with the speed of today’s players, but you have to get some calls right. If a crew can’t get any right, the league needs to replace those officials with new ones who can.