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Jets-Patriots Recap

New England Patriots v New York Jets

I’m giving you a fair warning. You have a fired up John B on today’s podcast. I wasn’t expecting the Jets to win the game yesterday. I was prepared to deal with a loss, but not like this. I wasn’t prepared for four big blown calls to go against the Jets, three of which either had the benefit of replay or the officials come together. I also wasn’t prepared for the referee to arrogantly declare after the game that the most egregious of the blown calls was “obvious.” I’m not going to let that slide, and I’m not going to let these officials off the hook.

After we discuss the hideous officiating, we talk about some of the other aspects of the game and the team. Some players like Josh McCown and Morris Claiborne were less than stellar. Others like Austin Seferian-Jenkins played well. I also have some thoughts on the job Todd Bowles is doing that I am sure many of you will not agree with.