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Jets-Patriots Second Half Thread

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The first half of today’s game between the Jets and the Patriots had the feel of a dominant Jets performance.

That’s why it’s disturbing to see the game tied 14-14 at halftime. After an early stretch that saw the Jets control the game and jump out to a two touchdown lead, the Patriots came to life in the second quarter with a pair of touchdowns to tie the game heading into the locker room. The Pats only have 1 yard less than the Jets and 4 more first downs, which is difficult to believe from watching the first half. That is how things are, and it tells the story of how quickly games against New England can shift.

Leave your second half thoughts below. As always, we kindly ask that you neither request nor provide links to illegal broadcasts of the game over the internet. Thanks in advance for complying with this kind request.