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Jets-Patriots Game Thread

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

A week after scoring a road win against the Cleveland Browns, the Jets return home today for a game against the hated New England Patriots.

Both teams enter this game 3-2 so today's winner will move ahead of the loser in the standings. It would be stunning to see the Jets ahead of New England after six weeks.

If the Jets do that, it will likely take a big effort. Their opponent today isn't Miami, Jacksonville, or Cleveland. The Patriots have shown some vulnerabilities, but they still are the defending Super Bowl Champions and the winner of the AFC East every year but one since 2003. The Patriots are heavy favorites, and it is easy to understand why. Games aren't played in Vegas, however. They are played on the field. The Jets have a chance to pull a major surprise.

Leave your thoughts below. Please don't ask for or provide illegal links to broadcasts of the game over the internet.