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Jets-Patriots: New England’s Personnel Tendencies

NFL: New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Years ago I used to put together a weekly post that showed the opponent’s tendencies with certain players on the field. It looked at the percentage of passes and runs with individual running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends on the field. It provided an idea about which roles certain players had.

I had never come across anybody who had ever compiled this information before so I named the metric after myself. I called it the John B Ratio.

This week I am going to bring it back. Let’s take a look at New England’s John B Ratios so far this season.

One thing that sticks out is the Pats use their top two running backs in different ways. If James White is on the field, expect a pass. If Mike Gillislee is on the field, expect the run.

At the tight end spot, Dwayne Allen is used as a frequent run blocker.

What else sticks out to you?