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The Dolphins Are the Worst in the AFC East; Are the Jets the Best?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Each week each SB Nation site is asked a question to answer.

This week we have been asked to name the best and the worst team in the division.

Entering the year, many people thought the Jets would be the worst team in the entire NFL, not just the AFC East. Through five weeks, that does not appear to be the case. The worst team in the division so far is the Miami Dolphins, who were blown out by the Jets in Week 3. The Dolphins are averaging an unfathomably bad 10.2 points per game. Sure, their starting quarterback is out for the year, but even the Cleveland we saw on Sunday is over 15 points per game.

Who is the best team? I won’t answer just yet. We might have better idea on Sunday after the Jets and the Patriots play. I think we all know the most likely outcome. One team has Tom Brady. The other has Josh McCown.

This hasn’t looked like a vintage Patriots team so far this year, and there are some potential vulnerabilities. We will see more this Sunday.