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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 6: Jets Are Either Top Ten or Near the Bottom of the League Depending on the Ranking

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Jets fall into quite a wide range in this week’s power rankings. SB Nation actually has them in the top ten. I always knew something about that site was smart.

SB Nation

9. New York Jets

The Jets aren’t tanking; they’re winning. Sure, it was just the Browns and it wasn’t the cleanest win ever, but it brought the Jets to 3-2.

Maybe they’re not set up to sustain success when teams tougher than the Browns come up, but the Jets have a winning record and a three-game winning streak, and they should enjoy the heck out of it.

In Week 6, the Jets host the Patriots so the good times may come to an end soon. But this season was supposed to be much less fun. Live it up, New York.


25. New York Jets

The Jets have three wins! The unexpected start has nearly doubled the Jets' chances of making the playoffs. But don't get too excited. FPI gives still gives them the sixth-lowest chances in the NFL, but that's still up from 0.6 percent at the start of the season.

Bleacher Report

17. New York Jets

Washington Post

18. New York Jets

The Jets are competent, but don’t get carried away. A win over the Browns means next to nothing. And there could be a reality check when the Patriots show up across the field Sunday at the Meadowlands.

Yahoo Sports

26. New York Jets

Perhaps in December the Jets are battling for a wild-card spot and you can tell me I’m wrong. But even at 3-2, I’m still not buying this team. However, that Jaguars win looks better by the day.