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SNF: Seahawks vs Colts Game Thread

Jonathan Moore/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football, Week 4. The 2017 NFL Sunday Night slate continues with the Indianapolis Colts making the trip west to CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington to take on the Seattle Seahawks.

This one looked intriguing before the season began, with the promise of the Colts' star quarterback Andrew Luck trying to solve the riddle of the tough Seahawks defense. As Luck would have it the Colts have been without their star quarterback all year, and the Seahawks have been something less than their usual brilliant defensive selves. So we're left with a 1-2 Colts team led by backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett taking on a 1-2 Seahawks team uncharacteristically ranked 23rd in the NFL in defensive yards allowed. Doesn't have quite the same cache', does it?

Enjoy the game everybody. As always we ask that you neither ask for nor post illegal streaming links.