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What Are Your NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions? Here Are Mine.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The second season begins this weekend in the NFL. It will be Wild Card Weekend. Although the Jets will not be taking part in the action, there will be four games with four teams moving on to the final eight next weekend and four teams whose seasons will end.

It has long been a goal of mine to go through an entire Playoff season with an 11-0 record on predictions. I have never done it. Only once have I even come close. That was last year when I went an agonizing 10-1. That experience made an impact as you will learn.

That is the topic of today's podcast. I make a prediction in all four games. There are two games where I feel very confident in my predictions and two games where I worry I might have picked the wrong team. We will only know for sure this weekend.

What are your picks?