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Jets Mailbag: Who Should the Team Hire as Offensive Coordinator?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are looking for a new offensive coordinator. That is one focus of our mailbag podcast today. On Thursdays, we usually answer the questions you have asked on the podcast. Thanks again for everybody who submitted such great questions. I wish I could have gotten to all of them. If you wanted your question answered, have no fear. There is another Thursday coming next week.

On today's show, we talk about some potential candidates such as Mike McCoy, John DeFilippo, and Greg Roman. We also discuss the tight end position that has confounded the Jets over the last few seasons. I take a view that might go against the grain. We also discuss why the Jets have such trouble developing a quarterback. I think the simplest answer might be the correct one.

The show is called the Locked on Jets podcast. Listen to it below and then subscribe on iTunes and/or Audioboom.