Replacing a legend David Harris is it time to move on?

I'm a big Harris fan ,for his career Harris has played 154 games , recorded 1027 tackles, 6 Int, 35 sacks and 10 forced fumbles. He will have his jersey # up in the ring of honor. Harris turns 33 at the start of next year and will make 6.5 mil next year. Last year Harris was in on 899 defensive snaps and another 86 on special teams. He recorded 95 tackles (solo and combined), 0 Int, 0 forced fumbles , a half sack. He is a good vet and QB of the D. If the jets move on there are 3 names to look at in FA. Zach Brown , Buffalo took a chance on him last year and boy did he break through. Snapcounts were 980 defensive and 127 special teams. 149 tackles( combined) , 1 Int, 4sacks and 2 forced fumbles. At 6'1 250 similar size to Harris and probably costs around Harris pay or more. He will be 28 next year. Kevin Minter Arizona, snap counts 1003 defensive 48 ST. 81tackles combined ,0 Int , 3.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles. Big hitter ,played for Bowles first 2 yes and know system ,already plays Harris role for cards. 27 yes old next year 6' tall 250 lbs and early reports have cards offering 3 years 12 million. Gerald Hodges 49ers, snapcounts 583 defensive and 73 ST. 83 tackles combined, 2Int, 3sacks ,2 forced fumbles. 6'2 240lbs and the better coverage backer of all. Will be 26 next season. Market value most likely similar to Minter. Became a starter after Navarro went down. Also a local NJ guy . Just 3 options I like if Harris is cut,but would like to know if there are others you may like? After all if he is cut and one of these guys are signed they are replacing a Jet Legend! Look forward to your comments?

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