New 7 Round Mock Draft: Adding Young Talent on Both Sides of the Ball!

I used Fanspeak's On the Clock draft simulator, so if you have a concern about a player not being around when I picked him, that's why.

Round 1: Malik Hooker S, OSU - A ball-hawking game-changer in the seconday is something this team is desperate for. Don't give me flak about the Ohio St - Jets draft pick curse. Good scouts scout the player, not "curses". 6th overall is higher than normal for a FS, but it's warranted when you have a potential all-pro on the board. Jamal Adams is my preference, but he went to the Bears at number 3 overall.

Round 2: Garett Bolles OT, Utah - If you read my post about my 2017 Jets off-season prediction a few weeks ago, these first two picks may seem familiar. Bolles is the most talented OT in this class and should have a future at LT. He may go in the first round, but his older age (25) may knock him to round 2 for us.

Round 3: Joe Mathis EDGE, Washington - Mathis is one of the most talented pass rushers n this draft and I expect that his stock will only rise as we get closer to draft day. He also has the ability top set the edge. Him, Jenkins, and MAuldin form a nice core of young players at the position.

Round 4 (comp): Michael Roberts TE, Toledo - Toledo isnt a school that gets much national exposure so Roberts has flown under the radar (like his teammate HB Kareem Hunt). Roberts is a very balanced TE who may not be a game breaker, but hes sure-handed, can run routes, and is an above average blocker. He can start from day one and be a productive member of the offense.

Round 5: Ryan Switzer WR, UNC - The Switz-army knife! This guy is one of my favorite role player prospects in the draft. He'll probably never be a number one receiver, or a house-hold name, but he can be an insanely valuable asset on the field. Great speed quickness, vision, hips, and route running. Excuse the small white WR stereotype, but the guy fits it. He is also one of the best returnmen in NCAA history, which was a role that was abysmal for the Jets in 2016. You can line up Switzer anywhere you can get him the ball and he'll have a chance to bring it home. Love this guy, would be thrilled to have him in Rd 5.

Round 6: Damontae Kazee CB, SDSU - I do not think Kazee will be here for us in rd 6, but he was in the simulation so I took him. I like Kazee a lot as a slot CB. Ideally I would have liked to take an outside CB early in the draft, but the value in the players I picked outweighed the available CBs at the time, and when you have a team devoid of talent like the Jets, never draft need over talent. Kazee should be a similar player to Skrine, who may end up a cap casualty.

Round 7: Tanoh Kpassagnon DL, Villanova - TK flashed quite a bit as a physical specimen during the senior bowl. He's very raw, but at 6'7 280lbs, he has the physical capabilities to be a monster. He'll either be a Margus Hunt, or he can be a Michael Bennett. This is a boom or bust pick, but in Rd 7, I'll take the risk.

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