Could the Jets really be contenders in 2017?

I just wanted to start off by saying this is completely unrealistic and would never happen. I just wanted to see if using free agency/the draft that I could turn the Jets into a "contender" on paper.


Revis, Breno, Folk, Skrine, Gilchrist, Mangold, Mclendon, Henderson, Clady, and David Harris.

This gives the Jets roughly 43M in cap space.

Free agency:

Sign CB Stephon Gilmore: 4 years, 44 million.

Sign: CB Truman Johnson: 4 years, 52 million.

Both guys are 25/26, will be in their prime throughout the entire duration of the contract. Cornerback is such an important position and the Jets are now set at it for 4 seasons.

Sign: LT Andrew Whiteworth: Whiteworth is 35 but he tuned in another excellent season. Sign him 1 year, 8 million.

Sign: QB: Nick Foles: Foles can be a good QB if surrounded by the right cast. 1 year, 3M

Sign: K: Ross Martin, NFL minimum


Round 1: S: Ohio State: Malik Hooker. Hooker is one of the best safety prospects ever. He's 6'2 and has amazing ball skills.

Round 2: ILB: Florida: Jarrad Davis: would be the ideal replacement for Harris. At 6'2 230 he's got decent size and still adds speed.

Round 3: LT: Utah: Garret Boiles: Was first team all Pac 12 in his only season at Utah, also turns 25 in a few weeks. This is hopefully the LT for next 5-6 years.

Round 4: TE: Michigan: Jake Butt: Considered one of the best TE prospects in the draft before blowing out his ACL. Jets swoop in the 4th round and take a risk on a talented TE that they've needed for years/

Round 5: RB: Oklahoma: Joe Mixon: One of the best RB in the draft in terms of true talent. Because of off field issues Jets can grab him in the 5th round. They need a 3rd RB and Forte is likely gone after this season.

So this is what the starters would like in 2017:


QB: Foles, RB: Forte, WR, Decker, Marshall, Q TE: ASJ/Bostick, LT: Whiteworth, LG: Carpenter, C:Wes Johnson, RG: Winters, RT: Brandon Shell

Defense: DE: Sheldon/Mo, DE: Leo/Mo, NT: Sims/Mo, OLB: Jenkins, OLB: Mauldin, ILB: Jarrad Davis ILB: Lee, CB: Gilmore, CB: Johnson, SS: Pryor, FS: Hooker

Offensively is a question mark. The O-line should be at the very worst slightly below average. Folks essentially would just need to be a game manager. The defense should be, at least on paper, phenomenal. This team would also be set up quite well for the future. I know it's extremely far fetched but I would be ecstatic if they could pull off something similarly to this. My goal was to just see if I could realistically create a team that on paper would appear to be a playoff team.

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