7 Round Mock for Debate

Let me start this by saying I know its early in the process, so most of this is likely to change in the coming months. But I figured I'd put it out there now to give people something to do instead of watch that game on Sunday...

Anyways, I will not be touching on Free Agent spending in this post, as its still way too early and I haven't really spent any time researching who will and will not be available. Instead this will focus on the draft only, and more specifically positions drafted. I am including a list of cuts and keeps from the current roster, to give an idea of the roster construction. I should also note that I believe this is year 1 of a 2 year rebuild. This will help set the foundation for the team 2 years from now.

Cuts: Revis, Clady, Mangold, Breno, Folk, Henderson, Sefarian-Jenkins, Skrine, Brandon Marshall. I think most of these are pretty obvious. Mangold is tough, but he just doesn't justify the price anymore. I know there are a couple people not on this list that are being talked about as cap casualties, and there is a reason. There is value in veterans on the roster, especially ones with expiring contracts next year.

Re-sign: Winters (done), Wesley Johnson, Ijalana, Bostick, Catapano. 2 potential starters on the O-Line in Johnson and Ijalana, and some depth across the board. No one here should be overly expensive.

Trade: This is a hypothetical, but Richardson plus a 6 should be enough to get us a second. For this mock, he was traded to Jacksonville for pick number 36. I know this is probably optimistic, but hey, I'm a dreamer.


Round 1- R. Foster ILB- Alabama. He's too good to pass up, and 6 is way to high for a safety. I debated CB here, but the position is so deep, I don't see the value in missing on possibly the best LB in the draft.

Round 2 (36)- D. King CB/FS- Iowa. After the Senior Bowl, he is definitely a tweener, and will most likely end up at FS. He plays behind Gilchrist for a year as he transitions, and takes over in 2018 alongside Pryor. He also allows Pryor to go back to SS, where he played much better in 2015.

Round 2 (38)- C. Tankersley CB- Clemson. Tall, long corner, who would fit nicely on the outside. May not be a starter Day 1, but I believe will be a good corner in the league.

Round 3- Z. Jones WR, East Carolina. I thought about Cooper Kupp, but I think he may go before this, allowing Jones to slide to this point. Will fit very nicely into this receiving core, without too much pressure to succeed immediately. I haven't seen much of him personally , but his stats are gaudy, and his dad is a former NFL player, so that cannot hurt.

Round 4 (comp)- A. Witherspoon CB, Colorado. In a class this deep at CB, the idea of a potential starter in round 4 is not out of the question. Another tall, long corner who can play man, and held up nicely this year. He may not be a big name, and there are plenty of other options at CB in this range, but I think he may be a steal.

Round 5- J. Butt TE, Michigan. I'm dreaming of Bucky Hodges falling this far in the draft, but I do not see it happening. Butt is a solid, but not extraordinary TE prospect. Given proper time to recover and get acclimated to the NFL, I believe he could be a sneaky receiving option in our new offense. He is not Hodges, Howard, or Jordan Leggett, but he will be a contributor at the next level.

Round 7- W. Likely CB/PR, Maryland. Coming off a major injury will allow his stock to fall. He has a little of Tyrek Hill in him as a returner and mismatch weapon. He can also contribute as a corner in sub packages, with a nose for the football.

Final Note: Ideally I would like to see them add another mid-round pick and grab a Jon Toth, Pat Elflein, or Tyler Orlosky to come in and play behind Johnson for a year at C. Anyways, have at it and let me know what you think.

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