D'Onta "George" Foreman, RB, Texas


Before being rope-a-doped by Ali in Zaire, George Foreman brutalized the heavy weight division in devastating fashion. He pulverized icons the likes of Joe Frazier in short order. He was the most intimidating force anyone had ever seen. That kind of size, athleticism and power had never been seen before in boxing. D'Onta is not dissimilar.

6-1, 250

323 carries for 2028 yards (6.3 per) and 15 TDs

This guy... I love this guy. The game above wasn't his statistic best (Texas Tech -- 33 for 341 and 3 TDs), but I think it's representative of the best of what he brings to the table. You can see the patience, the power, the vision, the burst, the agility, the balance, the feel and instincts... He's a beast. And he gets stronger as the game goes on.

He can pick his way through the thicket on the inside. He uses patience and excellent vision to allow holes to develop, he then has a nice burst to get himself to the next level where his size and power allow him to shrug off arm tackles and indirect hits. He makes 5 yard runs look so easy and routine, but they're anything but. However, don't let all that 250 lbs of mass fool you. He can bounce it too. And if you leave him a crease, he's gonna rip off chunks if he doesn't outright house it.

Surprisingly, he seems to have pretty sure hands. Texas didn't throw it to him much, but when they did he seemed to be a natural catcher. I saw one drop, but it was a rocket throw on a screen that went through his hands. He caught everything else I saw with ease, and transitioned to running smoothly.

My only beef with the guy is his ball security. It sucks. He totes the rock too carelessly. He carries it low and often away from his body. And it has led to a lot of fumbles. I don't have his official fumble stats, but I counted about 5 in the games I saw; so it could be more. That's not good.

I think he has all the tools to be a great back at the next level. He's the total package. I could even see him pulling a Leveon Bell and dropping some weight to be even more mobile. Bell also played college ball around 250. I could see Foreman dropping some weight and being an extremely mobile and explosive 235-240 lbs back. Still a load to bring down, but even that much more difficult to get a glove on. He's every bit the RB prospect as anyone else coming out this year, in my opinion.

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