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5 Jets Assistant Coaches Will Not Return In 2017

The expected changes have started.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

This is always a bittersweet period in the NFL. Change needs to happen and with the Jets, it really needs to happen. It's no surprise that after going 5-11 in 2016, the coaching staff will look very different in 2017. At the same time we need to remember that we're talking about people here, guys who are losing their jobs. Guys who will have to pack up their family and move cities.

The Jets announced today that 5 assistant coaches will not return in 2017. Those coaches are:

QB - Kevin Patullo
RB - Marcel Shipp
DL - Pepper Johnson
OLB- Mark Collins
DB - Joe Danna

I'm really not surprised to see Kevin Patullo and Pepper Johnson on this list. The Jets QB play has been horrible this year and the lack of development we've seen from the likes of Bryce Petty and reportedly from Christian Hackenberg is a concern. We'll now look to bring in a coach who can get Hackenberg to where we want him to be.

The Jets defensive line was supposed to be the strength of this team, but outside of Leonard Williams, the unit underperformed badly. Pepper was also a very prickly customer when it came to the media and had a number of run ins, showcasing a horrible attitude that likely filtered down to his unit.

I thought the development of Powell would have been enough to warrant Shipp keeping his job, but with a new OC coming on board, he'll likely want to bring a few of his guys with him, so having the QB and RB coach spots open makes sense.

Collins really didn't have much to work with at OLB, and I'm not sure you can blame Joe Danna for age catching up to Revis, but the regression of Calvin Pryor may have had something to do with him losing his job.