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Get to Know New York Jets OLB Coach Kevin Greene

Some younger fans may not be familiar with the Hall of Fame NFL player and Super Bowl winning coach.

One man gang Greene.

It hasn’t been officially announced by the New York Jets, but a report surfaced yesterday that the team has agreed to hire a new OLB Coach. Kevin Greene has joined Gang Green. Some fans were excited, while others were not sure what to think.

Let’s check Wikipedia for his career highlights and awards:

Here are some of his highlights as a player:

Greene has played against the best and learned from them for many years, leading to a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction:

He dabbled in wrestling until the NFL forbid it:

He also spent time with the National Guard, and he has used some of that experience in coaching his players:

And as OLB Coach, he won Super Bowl XLV with the Green Bay Packers.

The Jets have a lot of work to do to be successful as a team in 2017. But as for the outside linebackers unit, I tend to think Greene’s gang will be in good hands. How do you feel about this hire now, Gang Greene gangsters?