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Senior Bowl Breakdown With Scout Dave-Te' Thomas

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl is tomorrow. Many of the top prospects in this year's NFL Draft will be practicing. All week teams have been focused on these prospects in Mobile, Alabama. On today's podcast, superscout Dave-Te' Thomas joins us to talk about the game and what he has seen in practices this week.

Dave-Te' has been a professional football scout for over four decades. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of NFL Draft prospects. Numerous teams in the league contract him to do work. He also has done for the league as a biographer, putting together books on Draft prospects. His knowledge base is tremendous and extends beyond physical skillsets. He works his connections to find out how a player connects with his teammates, injuries the public doesn't know about that could impact performance, and so much more. He also tells you exactly what he thinks. If he likes a guy or really doesn't like a guy, you're going to know about it. Anybody can give a strong take, but few people have decades of actual experience to back it up.

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