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Jets Mailbag: When Will the Team Hire an Offensive Coordinator?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We are mixing things up a bit this week on the podcast. Usually we do our mailbag episode on Thursday. This week we are doing the mailbag show on Wednesday. I'll give you a second to collect yourself as you pick your jaw off the floor. Once again we had a number of great questions, many of which unfortunately came in after this episode was recorded. If your question didn't get answered this week, please ask again next week. We have a thread up asking for mailbag questions each week.

Today's mailbag deals a lot with the coaching staff. When will the offensive coordinator be hired? Was it a mistake making such large changes to the staff? Is the lack of a coordinator hurting Christian Hackenberg? We also talk a bit about the best approach at quarterback and about player safety.

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