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NY Jets: The Paradox of Salary Cap Space

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Recent reports about the Jets' salary cap situation are generally bad. Last week we found out that the team will carry over less than $500k of unused cap space from 2016 to 2017. Going 5-11 is bad enough. The Jets didn't even save any cash on their way to 5-11. They also aren't starting the offseason with a ton of room. Spotrac has the Jets as the most capped out team in the league. The Jets are actually over the cap according to the most current projection.

Things aren't really as bad as they look on paper. The 2015 free agent contracts the team signed have reached a point where the Jets now have the flexibility to get out of them. Last year they didn't so the Jets were tight up against the cap. There will likely be numerous cuts coming to give the Jets a lot of cap space.

Still, having a lot of cap space isn't what it seems. The Jets still aren't in great shape, and that is the topic of today's podcast, which you can hear below.