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Woody Johnson Might Be Stepping Away From the Jets

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We have been hearing a rumor about Woody Johnson for a number of weeks. It is now more than a rumor.

There have been reports that Woody’s brother Chris will take over the day to day operation of the team in the event the owner heads to the UK.

There still are some steps that would need to be completed before Johnson is officially the ambassador so there is time for the Jets to prepare.

We don’t know anything about how this will ultimately impact the team. We don’t know the details of exactly how reduced Woody would be. We also have no idea whether his brother would be better, worse, or equal if he took control of the team.

In the comments below, we kindly ask that you limit your discussion of this topic only to how this impacts the team. If you want to discuss the non-Jets aspects, we can point you to plenty of places on the internet for that.