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Thursday Jets Thoughts

10 Things I'm Thinking About With The Jets. Including our search for a new OC, why I want no part in Tony Romo and why I hope the long snapper gets a little love!

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Through the week I send a number of tweets relating to the Jets. Thoughts here and there that don't warrant a full article, but discussions that I like getting opinions on from other Jets fans. I wanted to bring some of that discussion onto the place we all call home, GGN.

So here are 10 Jets related items that I've been thinking about this week. Some I've thought a little about, some I've thought a lot about and I'd love to get your opinions on this.

1. Jets signing Winters was a great move.

He really escalated his game and with us needing to find at least one tackle, I liked securing Winters to solidify the guard position. The contract is largely front loaded with guarantees and I think he deserves it.

2. I hope Tanner Purdum is next

You never really notice the long snapper until you have a bad one. We happen to have a good one and he's been here a while. There is no reason to make a change here, show the man some loyalty and sign him up.

3. Hurtt not signing on...well hurts.

i was excited about the thought of Hurtt joining the Jets from Chicago. The production from his units have been good and he's really highly respected. However not coming to terms with him? Letting him get away? Is the uncertainty around Bowles position hurting us?

4. How do we get Pennington signed on as QB coach?

A lot of you know that I’m a Chad guy, he’s absolutely my favourite Jets player of all time. I also appreciate that not all good players make good coaches. However we need a QB coach, and I can't help but think that Chad has some good wisdom to pass on. how not to turn the ball over would be a good start.

5. Where are all my offensive coordinators at?

Anyone else becoming a little worried about the lack of candidates/interviews? We’ e hardly been acting quickly to ensure we pick up a gem. Which leads me to my next point...

6. Does anyone buy this Chan retirement angle?

Chan Gailey told the Jets at the start of the year he was retiring? Even though halfway through the season he hinted he wanted to return. I'm not buying it, his comments + mounting pressure for change after a poor season + the obvious lack of a plan from the Jets indicates this was a forced retirement that they decided on at the end.

7. No early QB thank you!

I’ve been watching a lot of college film for our scouting series (more reports coming soon) and I'm confident that there isn't a QB in this draft worthy of a top 20 selection. Watson is closest as I don't trust the small sample size on Trubisky.

8. It'll be Tyrod or Glennon

I’m pretty confident that either Mike Glennon or Tyrod Taylor will be playing for the Jets next year. repor have already surfaced linking us to Glennon and if the Bills move on from Tyrod, I can see the Jets being interested in his athletic ability. However it all comes down to finances.

9. The price of mediocrity

Hopefully everyone has read the report about the Jets not carrying any cap over to 2017 (or at least very little) - That means what we saw on the field was the maximum cap can buy you. I can see us cutting a lot of Players this off-season and reworking a few others.

10. No,no to Tony Romo

Do you really want Romo on this team? I think we need to do a lot of work before we're ready to compete and he's an injury waiting to happen. On a team inflated contracts, what you don't want is an expensive old injured QB clogging up your space.