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Reaction to Brian Winters' New Contract

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The big news around the Jets is Brian Winters' new contract. That is the topic of our podcast today.

MacGregor aka Smackdad joins me to discuss the contract. When I invited him on, I knew this could go one of two ways. I was not a fan of the deal at all. If MacGregor liked the deal, he could provide some balance. If he didn't, everybody would get upset with the show since we'd be doing nothing but criticizing the contract.

As you will hear, MacGregor was on the negative side of things so tune in if you'd like to hear our arguments against this contract laid out. Near the end we do discuss the scenarios were this deal could work out for the Jets.

Our podcast is called Locked on Jets and airs on weekdays. You can hear it below, but you can also subscribe to the show on iTunes and Audioboom.