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Report: Clint Hurtt Won’t Join Jets Coaching Staff

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There were reports last week that Bears assistant coach Clint Hurtt would be joining Todd Bowles’ coaching staff as outside linebackers coach. Those reports were apparently erroneous according to Darryl Slater.

But now, Hurtt almost certainly will not be coming to coach Todd Bowles' staff. The Jets looked into hiring Hurtt, but the two sides never reached an agreement, according to the source. So Collins' former job remains open.

So there goes that idea.

There are plenty of quality coaches out there so time remains for the Jets to fill their staff with some good ones.

What that said, I am a bit surprised with just how slowly things have gone replenishing this staff. Considering the numerous changes the team made, it would stand to reason that the team would be on its way to filling the vacancies. Instead there has barely been much movement, and the half-step head start the Jets had on teams that made a head coaching change is now gone.