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With the Chiefs Eliminated Jets Can Seek Matt Nagy; Can They Get Him, Though?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

A few days back, Rich Cimini reported Chiefs co-offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was one person the Jets were considering for their offensive coordinator job.

With the Chiefs eliminated from the postseason, the Jets now have the ability to seek out Nagy.

There are a few complications. First, Nagy would have to have interest in leaving a pretty good situation in Kansas City for a pretty bad one with the Jets. One can see why that might not sound like such a hot career move. Second, the Chiefs could block Nagy from interviewing.

One potential complication could come in the form of Brad Childress, the other half of the Chiefs’ co-offensive coordinator duo. Childress could be named the new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills today.

Such a move could take Nagy off the table completely. The Chiefs might not be keen to let both of their coordinators go, and Nagy might have the chance to run the Kansas City offense himself, making the Jets job even less attractive by comparison.

We clearly will have to wait and see how this plays itself out.