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NY Jets: Eric Studesville Returning To Broncos

The Jets search for an offensive coordinator continues.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to Connor Hughes of, Eric Studesville, the Denver Broncos running backs coach who interviewed with Jets head coach Todd Bowles for the Jets vacant offensive coordinator position, will be returning to his running backs coaching position with the Broncos for the 2017 season.

Studesville is believed to be the the only offensive coordinator candidate to have interviewed with the Jets thus far.  The Jets were expected to make an offer to Studesville.  It is unclear whether they did so prior to Studesville's decision to return to the Broncos.

The preference of Studesville to return to the Broncos rather than remain in consideration for a promotion to a coordinator position with the Jets is not a particularly good indication regarding the desirability of the position with New York.  Also somewhat concerning is the lack of any other clear candidates at this time, nearly two weeks into the search to fill the Jets offensive coordinator position.

At some point the position will be filled; the quality of the candidates to fill such position who will be willing to take a chance on the Jets remains to be seen.  Based on the dearth of current candidates and the preference of at least one to remain in his current position rather than take a promotion with the Jets, early indications are not particularly encouraging.