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Three Thoughts on the Jets

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On today's podcast I play Devil's Advocate on some fairly popular offseason ideas for the Jets. There are three things I have heard from many quarters that I don't really agree with. You will hear my takes on today's show.

The first is the idea the Jets should move Darrelle Revis to safety. The second and the third are players I have heard people describe as priority signings. One currently plays for the Jets. The other currently plays for another team but is viewed as a likely cut. It isn't that I necessarily dislike either player. It isn't even that I am opposed to the Jets signing either. I just wouldn't be wild about the Jets getting into bidding wars and potentially overpaying either guy. To find out the players and the reasoning, you just will have to listen to today's show.

The podcast is called Locked on Jets and can be heard here, iTunes, and Audioboom.