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This Is One Reason Antonio Brown Is So Great

We didn’t have a lot of good things to talk about this season for the Jets so as the Playoffs go on, I might have a few observations on things I like about other teams.

One thing I wanted to point out was how great Antonio Brown’s first touchdown was in Sunday's win for Pittsburgh over Miami.

What really sticks out here is how patient Brown is.

On a screen play like this with some green in between him and the defender, how many receivers would just get upfield as quickly as possible and take a 7 yard gain?

Brown doesn't do that, though. He knows he has a block waiting to spring him so he has the patience to hesitate and let things develop. This is what ultimately springs him.

The great players don't just see what is happening. They view the field like a chess board. They know where everybody is, and they can figure out where everybody will end up. They can see in the future.

It is subtle things like this that make great players great.