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Scouting The 2017 NFL Draft: 7 Round Jets Mock Part 1

Every year, Drew (@DrewFromJersey) and I, like to put our heads together for our Jetscentric mock drafts. With the 2016/2017 season coming to an end, we present to you, our first mock.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

6'3" - 230 lbs

Projected 40: 4.45

Right now, our starting QB for 2017 isn't on the team. We shouldn't hold our breath for Tyrod Taylor shaking free from Buffalo. Even if he does, there will be an incredible amount of competition for him. Our best bet is to draft one of the top quarterbacks. One of the most exciting quarterbacks to watch this year was not Watson. It wasn't Mitch Trubisky either. It most definitely wasn't Kizer. This honor belongs to Texas Tech quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. If we had to compare Mahomes to someone, it's Russell Willson in a quarterback body. Mahomes is a magician with the ball in his hands. No play is ever dead. No amount of pressure can rattle Patrick, and his arm talent is undeniable. Most people have Mahomes in the 2nd round, and some bold mockers put him late in the first. Drew and I like to go bold with our first mock drafts i.e. Odell in our first mock back in 2014. If Mahomes is the QB you love, take him at 6, instead of praying he is there in the 2nd. If Patrick tests well, it is pick #6 where we take him.

Round 2

Taco Charlton, Edge, Michigan

6'6" - 272 lbs

Projected 40: 4.74

Our defense is in shambles. The floor fell out beneath our secondary with the demise of Darrelle Revis. Our pass rush was non existent with an injured Muhammad Wilikerson, and no real edge guys. Everyone meet Taco Charlton, Taco, meet everyone. Taco is a pure pass rusher, with deceptive quickness, and great spin move. He can also set the edge and be a 3 down guy for us in all sets.

Round 3

Kareem Hunt, RB, Toledo

6'0" - 225 lbs

Projected 40: 4.50

Matt Forte may have looked good stat wise, but we all know how ineffective he was. After wishing for more Bilal Powell, we finally got our wish, and Powell delivered. We believe Bilal should be our starter next year, but we do need someone capable behind him just in case. Hunt is a special back, that is extremely hard to bring down. He has the size to be the kind of back that plows through defenders, and he does when it is called for. What he is really masterful at is making people miss. His elusiveness is extraordinary. He wasn't used much as a receiver, but he does well when asked to.

Round 4 (Expected Compensatory pick)

Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado

6'0" - 205 lbs

Projected 40: 4.46

As mentioned before, our secondary is in shambles. We will more than likely be moving on from Revis, and Buster Skrine is very inconsistent. He can be very good at times, but most of the time, his lack of size causes him to commit penalties. Awuzie has had a very productive year. His quick twitch reaction speed, and fearlessness have been his biggest assets. He can be a great slot CB, who can play on the outside if needed.

Round 5

Xavier Woods, S, Louisiana Tech

5'11" - 219 lbs

Projected 40: 4.50

Calvin Pryor is purely an in the box safety, and he is inconsistent at best with that role. Marcus Gilchrist had a late injury this year that will most likely effect 2017 for him. We can see the Jets moving on from him. There is a big void of 3 down talent at safety. Woods is very versatile as a safety. He can line up anywhere get the job done.

Round 6

Cole Hikutini, TE,  Louisville

6'5" - 248 lbs

Projected 40: 4.74

Changes need to be made on the offensive side of the ball as well. No team uses tight ends less than the Jets. This needs to change right away. Hikutini has been very productive this year for Louisville. He can come in right away and bring another receiving threat to our offense

Round 7

Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

6'4" - 262 lbs

Projected 40: 4.75

This draft is so deep in pass rushers that there is no doubt some really good edge guys are going to drop. One of these guys might be Basham. Like Taco, he is another complete edge rusher who can play 3 downs. He needs to work on his pass rushing moves, but that can come in time. With a pass rush being such a big need, doubling up here seems like a good idea.