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Happy New Year!

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Another year has passed.  Out with 2016; goodbye and good riddance. In with 2017, a chance for hope and new beginnings.

On behalf of all of the Gang Green Nation staff I would like to wish each of our members a happy, healthy and fruitful New Year. Though the Jets may have disappointed in 2016, you did not. You were funny and insightful, smart and knowledgeable, loyal and inspiring.  We love what we do here at Gang Green Nation, and we love that we get to share it every day with the best set of fans anybody could ask for.

Here's to all of you, who make this site a terrific place to work for, and here's to the Jets, who though they try our patience and test our souls, are in the end ours to love and to hate, to root for and to shed a tear for, to laugh about and to shout about, to win, lose or draw with.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you all for continuing to share a part of your lives and hearts with us on a daily basis.