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Former NY Jets QB Tim Tebow Signs With Mets

What could possibly go wrong?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Being a Jets/Mets/Knicks fan is a particular kind of curse.  One team has the worst owner in the NBA.  Another team had its finances crippled in the Madoff scandal and will still be dealing with the aftermath for many years to come.  And then there's the Jets, home of a 47 years and counting drought in which the team has never even made it to the Super Bowl, let alone won one.  These teams have combined for an incredible zero championships in the last 30 years.  Being a fan is not for the faint of heart.  And still these teams find new ways to test their fans' patience.

Most of you will remember the recent past when the Jets thought it was a good idea to bring in Tim Tebow to compete with Mark Sanchez at quarterback in a battle of the incompetents.  Not long after he got to New York the Jets belatedly realized Tebow couldn't actually play quarterback, so they scrambled to find something, anything, for him to do, and settled on punt protector.  You can't make this stuff up.  After a year which transformed the Jets from legitimate playoff contender into a running Send In the Clowns joke around the NFL, the Tebow experiment mercifully ended.  New York fans thought that was the last we would see of the throwing challenged thrower.

Guess again.  In what can only be characterized as Fate's personal grudge against Jets/Mets fans everywhere, the news today brings us word that Tim Tebow has found a way to resurrect the Big Apple Circus.  The New York Mets have signed Tim Tebow to a minor league contract.  That's right, a 29 year old with no baseball experience since high school, a 29 year old who has been characterized by baseball scouts as a fringe prospect at best, has signed with the New York Mets.  Please welcome the circus back to town.

It is always a bit trying to be a Jets/Mets/Knicks fan.  Some days are more exasperating than others.  Today is one of those days when it feels like the sole purpose of these teams is to annoy their fans.  Welcome back Tim Tebow.  May your stay in New York be brief and uneventful.