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Here Is What a Film Expert Thinks About Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Benoit of MMQB has been hard at work breaking down film on all 32 NFL teams this summer. He recently posted 10 takeaways from his study of Jets film. His first take? It was about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has become easy to overrate. Such is the result of the Jets’ and his stubborn contract talks dominating the news for so many months. Fitzpatrick is lucky the Jets didn’t decrease their offer of $12 million after it became apparent that the rest of the league was not eager to hire him. Nevertheless, he’s a Jet again, and both sides are better for it. But understand why Fitzpatrick’s market was so soft. He is one of the NFL’s most inconsistent veteran QBs. His accuracy can be all over the map. Worse yet, so can his decision-making. He’s a decent-armed QB blessed and cursed with a gunslinger’s mentality. Or, in other words, he’s Brett Favre but with a fraction of the talent.

As we have discussed over and over, Fitzpatrick's game has a lot of flaws. That is why he has bounced around the league. The question is the extent to which the Jets can work around them and the extent to which Fitzpatrick can minimize them.

Click on over to read more about the Jets' scheme and key parts like Darrelle Revis. It is a really great read.