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How Much Did the Jets Rely on Brandon Marshall Last Year? How Much Did Your Team Rely on Its Go to Guy?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to take a look at the extent to which the Jets depended on Brandon Marshall a year ago. His 1,502 receiving yards led to almost a quarter of the Jets' offense. How did that rate relative to the rest of the league? Let's take a look.

I examined each team's leader in yards from scrimmage and the percentage of their team's yardage from scrimmage they produced. Marshall finished seventh according to my calculations. Interestingly, the positions of go to guys were fairly evenly split. I counted 15 wide receivers, 12 running backs, and 5 tight ends.

Here are the totals below.

Team Player Percent
MIN A. Peterson 31.28092
ATL J. Jones 30.11428
PIT A. Brown 28.44485
TB D. Martin 26.96647
STL T. Gurley 26.47841
HOU D. Hopkins 26.179
NYJ B. Marshall 24.87579
DAL D. McFadden 24.55542
NYG O. Beckham 23.76902
JAX A. Robinson 23.72479
OAK L. Murray 23.23666
IND F. Gore 22.99665
CHI M. Forte 22.60274
MIA J. Landry 22.17566
DEN D. Thomas 21.97506
CIN A. Green 21.94957
DET C. Johnson 20.93825
TEN D. Walker 20.89996
BUF L. McCoy 19.67838
KC J. Maclin 19.64963
NE R. Gronkowski 18.91892
CLE G. Barnidge 18.34653
ARI L. Fitzgerald 18.15601
CAR G. Olsen 17.93664
SD D. Woodhead 17.55995
NO M. Ingram 17.53286
GB J. Starks 17.4978
SEA D. Baldwin 16.8905
PHI D. Murray 16.83103
WAS J. Reed 16.24573
BAL K. Aiken 15.92711
SF A. Boldin 15.20231