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Jets 53 Man Roster Analysis

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have cut down their roster to 53 players. This calls for a special Saturday edition of our Locked on Jets podcast.

To help me break it all down, Joe Caporoso of stopped by. We started the show by talking about the biggest NFL news of the day, the Vikings sending two picks including a first rounder to the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford.

We then go position by position to talk about the 53 man roster, who made it, who got cut, and what it all means. And of course, some of this will be moot by tomorrow once waiver claims in the league start going through.

You can listen below. You can also listen on Audioboom and iTunes. If you like our new podcast, I hope you will subscribe and give it good ratings. Locked on Jets has episodes from Monday to Friday (and Saturday in this case).