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Jets Cut 2014 2nd Round Selection Jace Amaro

In a damning indictment of the Jets scouting history, the Jets cut a recent 2nd round pick Jace Amaro, to go with a recent 1st rounder, Dee Milliner.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We have been going back and forwards about Amaro for some time now. Lot of potential, but does he get it? He's shown us nothing, and apparently the potential wasn't enough to earn him a roster spot in 2016.

The Jets used a 2nd round pick on the former Texas Tech standout, only to see him barely make a dent at the NFL level. Now to be fair to Amaro, a labrum injury kept him out for the entire 2015 season. So we really only have his 38 reception, 345 yard, 2 touchdown rookie performance to go on.

It's mildly surprising that the Jets would give up on Jace so early for three reasons:

1) He's only had one full year in the league.

2) He was an excellent receiver in college. He recorded 1,352 yards with 7 touchdowns in his final year.

3) The Jets are hardly packed full of talent at the TE position.

He obviously hasn't done enough in camp to justify a roster spot, and personally I think this sends a strong message. Regardless of your draft history, you have to come to play. Amaro suffered through a number of drops during his two year career and was unable to get anything going this pre-season. Some have even called him too soft, which isn't a label you want attached to yourself if you're a 6'5 265lb tight end.

I have no doubt that he'll be claimed by another team. He has too much potential not to be. However only time will tell if the Jets made the correct decision in cutting ties with the former 2nd round pick, only two years into his NFL career.